It typically costs more to hire a person to do admin tasks than to use AdminLess. Let us show you why.

  1. Save costs. The average annual salary of a direct hire is currently £24,731 (Source: PayScale). Then there are hidden costs such as office space, furniture, missed work days £3,600, software licences, office supplies and HR costs totalling £1,800 per year. A grand total in excess of £30,000
  2. Eliminate Monthly Fixed Pay-outs When using AdminLess you only pay for hours worked, whereas with direct hires, you have a fixed cost, irrespective of hours worked. offers several service packages or even pay-as-you-use.
  3. Unused hours from packages can be carried forward .
  4. No Recruitment Costs. Employee resignations are inevitable and unavoidable but every replacement hire costs money. With, businesses no longer incur this cost.
  5. No Sick Days Employees reporting sick are common too. With continuity of operations is guaranteed. No missed deadlines. No backlogs.