So what is ‘adminless’?

Firstly it is a name that we have made up! We recognize that everyone involved in business has a succession of day-to-day duties that impede the things that really matter – making money!

So what is our definition of adminless?

“the ability to get someone to organise the business and personal administration tasks that hinder your working life”

So we have three very simple questions –

  1. Are you adminless?
  2. Would you like to be adminless?

And the most important one for us –

  1. How do I become adminless? (this is the entire purpose of the website and we need a specific, easy to detangle process for securing my services)

Firstly let us define what administration means –

The Cambridge dictionary defines administration as –

“the arrangements and tasks needed to control the operation of a plan or organization:”

The Oxford English Dictionary defines administration as

“The process or activity of running a business”

What about us? We define administration as –

“the routine tasks you dislike doing but are necessary to ensure the success and efficiency of your business or job”

In other words we will manage everything that takes you away from the central part of your job which is earning money. Either for yourself as a business owner or as part of your job description if you are an employee.