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Here at AdminLess our goal is to support in the day to day admin tasks of a small to medium sized business. AdminLess was born out of recognising that as a business you are trying to focus energy on what makes you money. Typically answering a phone call or booking a client meeting or sending a quote, whilst critical to your business, doesn’t actually  generate revenue. If you want to know more about the rational behind the name (which took us a long time to perfect so you understood exactly what we do by the way!) click here.

We understand that for some business’s being out selling, doing a trade, consulting, freelancing etc is what brings the money in NOT sat doing admin. Therefore we use the strapline of  “No office required”…we show our clients over and over again that if we do the office admin jobs on your behalf you can be more efficient by doing the things you do best.

What We Actually Do For You

Answer incoming calls

  • Answer calls in pre-agreed work hours
  • Take new business enquiries
  • Make diary bookings
  • Arrange quotes
  • Alert you with personal calls

Make outgoing calls

  • Book or order from regular suppliers with “pay on account” scenerio….you call and tell us what you want and we will book it
  • Rearrange pre-arranged bookings**

Back Office Support

Appointment, Meeting, Bookings management

Creation and management of documents

Secretarial Services


  • Entries into a shared* accounts/spreadsheet system of day to day expenses

Email Marketing

  • Writing marketing emails
  • Managing responces
  • Reporting on effectiveness

Social Media Management

  • Making regular post
  • Prompting for content

Generating and following through on quotes

Website Administration

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is AdminLess more cost effective than employing someone to do my admin?2020-11-25T11:32:59+00:00

It typically costs more to hire a person to do admin tasks than to use AdminLess. Let us show you why.

  1. Save costs. The average annual salary of a direct hire is currently £24,731 (Source: PayScale). Then there are hidden costs such as office space, furniture, missed work days £3,600, software licences, office supplies and HR costs totalling £1,800 per year. A grand total in excess of £30,000
  2. Eliminate Monthly Fixed Pay-outs When using AdminLess you only pay for hours worked, whereas with direct hires, you have a fixed cost, irrespective of hours worked. www.AdminLess.co.uk offers several service packages or even pay-as-you-use.
  3. Unused hours from packages can be carried forward .
  4. No Recruitment Costs. Employee resignations are inevitable and unavoidable but every replacement hire costs money. With www.AdminLess.co.uk, businesses no longer incur this cost.
  5. No Sick Days Employees reporting sick are common too. With www.AdminLess.co.uk continuity of operations is guaranteed. No missed deadlines. No backlogs.
How long do I need to sign up for?2020-11-25T11:28:14+00:00

We have learnt from experience that it takes a bit of time for us to build an in depth working relationship with each other. However we know that after around month 3 there is a good working knowledge. So you will be required to commit to an initial 3month contract then this will go to a 2month rolling contract after that.

How do you handle incoming/outgoing calls and how much?2020-11-25T11:27:46+00:00

All calls are charge in 5minute blocks…so if a call were to last 3minutes and 45 seconds you will be charged for a 5minute block.

Do you offer quoting?2020-11-25T13:02:09+00:00

Yes we do. When you have provided us with any formulas you use to calculate a quote from you, we can then generate a quote automatically. However if you would like to just call us up and dictate a quote that you want generating, we can do it that way as well. Its all about the way YOU want to work.

Is my data safe?2020-11-25T12:59:30+00:00

Yes is the short answer…any data is stored or transferred over encrypted networks. Any person that is allowed to see information by you has been vetted by AdminLess and have signed Non Disclosure agreements.


5hrs PM

  • £24per hour

15hrs PM

  • £22per hour

25hrs+ PM

  • £20per hour

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